Our Story

Our Story

La boîte à bonbons is the story of two friends who are passionate about candy and want to share it with the world!

We had known each other for several years and our conversations always revolved around two things: entrepreneurship and... candy.

With our sweet teeth and our passion for jujubes, we wanted to find a reliable place to get more and more delicious candies and especially, fresh ones! Then one summer day, tired of looking for something tasty, we called each other to talk about the concept of monthly subscriptions (which we thought were great) and which didn't exist for candies! That same day, we got together over a beer and came up with a plan and a concept: La boîte à bonbons was born!

In the weeks that followed, we spent our time tasting every piece of candy we could find, without discrimination, let's just say that we went over quite a few!

Since 2016, we have delivered to thousands of families every month and the adventure is getting sweeter and sweeter! From day one, we have three goals that we always keep in mind when we develop the menus every month:

  • Freshness
  • Quality
  • Variety

Freshness, quality, variety... it almost sounds like we're talking about fruits and vegetables! And why not?! Why skip on the quality of our gummiess when we wouldn't do it for other foods?

We continuously develop delicious box ideas for all candy lovers out there, to help you discover or re-discover deliciously sweet candies that will make you fall back into childhood!

In 2017, we launched our in-store product line with "c'est BONBON" to meet the growing demand from our customers. While the trend would seem to be the opposite, we went from "online" to "offline". We thought it would be a small part of our business, but our fabulous clientele has made our project a real success!

Our aspirations have remained the same, to offer the best candy possible anywhere, anytime!

Our in-store candy line has become a staple for many of you and every month we add new stores to our list where you can get our delicious products.

In 2020, we launched a new line of gummies that we call the responsible line to help us support the issues we care about every day: our planet and its inhabitants. You can learn more about it on our website cestbonbon.ca


Our Mission

Spreading happiness one candy at a time is our slogan. But what we want most of all is to see you smile while tasting a little bag of candy and share this emotion with your family and friends.

Entrepreneurship, my passion

"Today, La boîte à bonbons is a business that I manage alongisde my team on a daily basis, more than a passion, entrepreneurship is a vocation. And I deeply believe that women have great things to do in this field! I am constantly surrounded by women (and men) who are innovative geniuses, examples of beautiful humans and who work hard to make a positive impact on our beautiful world!
When you encourage a (very) small business like mine, you are encouraging a whole network of people at the same time. And every time we receive an order, we do a little happy dance!

On that note, I will let you enjoy some of our delicious candies!"



Picture: Capucine Berdah