La boîte à bonbons is a company offering a large selection of candies online and in retail stores through our range c'est BONBON.

We offer gluten free, fat free and always fresh candies. We offer a new menu of 6 candies that changes every month. Our goal: get you to discover new candies every month!

We offer several prepaid box and subscription options. We do not have a monthly subscription - none of your purchases automatically renew.

The candies of the month can be found in the box of the month, the gourmet box and the prepaid subscriptions (3, 6 or 12 months). You can also choose them in our custom boxes.

If you want to have soft and tender candies, you can't do without gelatin! Candies can contain beef or pork gelatin, and sometimes they are simply vegan. Don't hesitate to ask us!

All our candies are gluten free for the most part. When we decide to offer a candy containing gluten (licorice, belts, etc.), all precautions are taken to avoid cross-contamination. Our team has followed the MAPAQ training on hygiene and sanitation to be aware of all the practices. We will clearly signal the candies containing gluten.

If you have allergies to nuts and peanuts, unfortunately we do not recommend eating our candies. As a general rule, we recommend that you read the labels for any candy you buy online or in stores.

Our candies can be kept for up to one year in their resealable freshness bag. For an ideal freshness, we advise you to eat the candies within 6 months of their arrival and not to expose them to the sun.

Our candies come from the United States and Europe (Spain, France, Germany) for the most part. We are also lucky enough to find Canadian candies from time to time!

Unfortunately, there is no candy made in Quebec, but we plan to be the first company to make our own candy here!


When you place an order, your box is prepared in 3 to 4 business days and shipped right away! Delivery times may vary depending on the time of year, but in general you can expect 2 business days.

Shipping is free in Quebec and Ontario for orders over $59.99, between $26.50 and $59.99, a flat fee of $3.99 applies.

Below $26.50, we charge $9 for shipping, as the environmental impact of shipping one or two bags of candy is not justifiable and we do not want to encourage this.

Fees vary for other provinces. We do not offer priority shipping, but you can choose to ship with Canada Post for $10.

*Please note that shipping costs are multiplied by the number of months for prepaid subscriptions.

Our boxes are taken care by Nationex, Canada Post or UPS for US orders. In all cases, you will receive information by email.

If you've been following us for a while, you've experienced a time when shipping fees didn't exist.

Unfortunately, we have been forced to charge fees since April 2022, as it is impossible for us to keep on absorbing the increases.

We have therefore decided to add a fee of $3.99+tx for an order of a candy box, for a cart value of up to $59.99 (for Quebec and Ontario). The other option would have been to increase all our prices, but we can all agree that it would not be to the advantage of our customers.

Write to us as soon as possible with the address correction! Unfortunately, if a delivery confirmation has already been sent out, it means it is too late and the box is gone.

An additional $10 delivery fee will apply for sending the package a second time, to cover some of the return costs (we pay an additional fee for returning the package and shipping it back).

When your box is in delivery, you can track it using the tracking link provided in the email. Deliveries with Canada Post may be completed at the nearest post office (this information will be on the tracking link provided in the email).

If the box has not arrived within the suggested time frame, please email us at info@laboiteabonbons.ca.

Yes, we ship anywhere in the continental United States. Shipping is $12.99 CAD for orders under $100, and free over $100. In the case of a prepaid subscription, one box constitutes one order.


Are you a company that wants to spoil your employees with candy? Let us first congratulate you, because it's a great idea :)

You can write to corpo@laboiteabonbons.ca to coordinate your shipments. Our team will contact you as soon as possible!

Yes, absolutely! Here is the page that explains the whole process: fundraising.

Do you want to gift candies on your wedding day? Or bags with your company logo? Discover our selection of customizable products right here: custom products.